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More about visas during FIFA 2018 World Cup.

Russia is a big and beautiful country, and in order to visit it, citizens of quite a lot of countries are required to obtain entry visa. The most common visa duration is 30 days, and it takes 2 weeks and government fee to get it, so it would add a lot of headache on top of arranging airplane tickets and accommodation for football fans. So, thankfully FIFA arranged the document called Fan ID for everyone who has official tickets to one of the games. A FAN ID is a document that all of you must have in order to attend any of the 2018 FIFA World Cup™ matches. You should purchase a ticket, submit an application on official website and get a FAN ID. Yes, you heard it right, citizen of any country, with valid passport, can travel to Russia visa-free with FAN ID.

Here you can find the complete information about the 2018 FIFA World Cup™ FAN ID, instructions on how to fill in an application form and locations of the FAN ID Distribution centers https://www.fan-id.ru/get.html

And if you don’t have tickets yet, you can purchase a ticket for a 2018 FIFA World Cup™ match, here here www.fifa.com/tickets. FIFA went further and arranged free transportation within Russia. So in order to reserve a free ticket on any of the special trains, please follow www.transport2018.com.

Posted on 12/13/2017