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Способы подтверждения гражданства РФ

Существует ряд документов, подтверждающих гражданство РФ. Данные бумаги необходимы при выполнении различных юридических операций, при пересечении границы и получении гражданства в других странах. В список таких документов входят:

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Posted on 2/21/2017


Residence permit (permit) in the Russian Federation is a document issued to a foreign citizen or stateless person for the right to stay in Russia and the free border crossing (entry, exit) of the Russian Federation. For persons without citizenship residence permit in the Russian Federation can be ID.
To obtain a residence permit in Russia, the alien is granted the temporary residence permit and after at least one year of a foreign citizen (stateless person) who is 18 years of age and lived on the territory of the Russian Federation has the right to obtain a residence permit in the Russian Federation.

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Posted on 7/16/2018