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We are closely monitoring global situation in connection with novel COIVD-19. Most of the countries implemented quarantine, including Russia which borders are closed from March 18th to May 1st for all tourist visas. Russian consulates around the world are also closed March 18th to May 1st for all public appointments, so no cases for passports or visas will be accepted as well as no passports or visas will be issued. Please, correct you plans accordingly. Our offices remain open, we accept all the cases and will submit it as soon as possible. During that difficult for all of us, we want to offer 10% discount for all passport services. Follow us on Facebook, Google, Twitter and Yelp!


Выбор типа загранпаспорта

Биометрические паспорта выдаются на 10 лет, обычные всего на 5 лет. Если вы выезжаете 2 раза в год (летом в Европу, зимой в Египет), то за 10 лет вы сможете израсходовать 20 страничек паспорта на визы + еще пару на дата-штампы. Понятно, что в такой ситуации разумно получить 10-летний биометрический паспорт и таким образом минимизировать общение с ФМС.

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Posted on 2/12/2017