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How to apply for Russian travel passport?
Please, choose required service in the menu. You will see questionnaire and you will be able to begin the process.

How will I know that my application was submitted?
Soon after we receive your application, you will get confirmation email from  RussianZagranPassport. If you don't see our email, there might be mistake in email that you provided  in application. In this case we recommend you to contact our customer support department at +1.312.462.4382.

Which language should I use in application?
On each form of application you'll find instructions on how to fill out given field. If you have available Russian keyboard, please, provide information in Russian, unless otherwise stated. If you don't have Russian keyboard available, you can always submit the application in English and our representatives will contact you to clarify possible variations in proper nouns.

How can I check order status?
As soon as we receive your application, we will send you confirmation email letter with unique order number. You can use your unique order number to get information about your order status by telephone or email.

What payment types do you accept?
We accept following payment types:
Credit/Debit card (Visa, MasterCard, Amex), check or Money Order

Are consulate fees and taxes included in the price?
Yes, consulate fees and taxes are included in the price marked on our website.

How does company RussianZagranPassport take care about my personal information?
We take confidentiality of your personal information as our primary concern and under no circumstances we share information regarding your order, order status or payment to third parties. Personal information like passport numbers may be shared only with Russian Consulate in United States and Consular Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation. We do not conduct mass advertizing newsletter campaigns. RussianZagranPassport hopes that you enjoy doing business with us and use our service again.

Which documents should I provide?
After you submit the application, you will receive detailed list with all necessary information. All consular forms and questionnaires will be filled out by our team and will be sent to you by e-mail along with instructions and notarization requirements.

Where can I find complete list of required documents for obtaining Russian travel passport ?
List of necessary documents varies with your age, sex, marital status and availability of required papers. In order to avoid mistakes and to save your time, please, call for free consultation on +1.312.462.4382.

Where can I download form and example of consular application for Russian travel passport?
You don't have to fill out complicated forms and applications. Russian ZagranPassport team will be happy to fill it out for you and will send it to you for signature and notarization. This way you will save your time, because Russian Consulate has right to deny your application if any mistakes occur or increase processing time  significantly.

Can I send my documents by mail?

You receive ready consular forms, check it, then sign it, prepare all additional required papers, after you can send the whole package by mail.